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Step-By-Step To Do List By Trimester For Every Mama

Preparing for all your prenatal visits, making a shopping list for your baby, and knowing what to expect in general... they can all seem very daunting when you are a first-time mom (and even if you've done it before).

So we've put together a quick list - a page with all the milestones and to do's for each trimester, broken down by weeks. 

You can also download the file or save to your Google Drive by clicking here.

Free free to comment anything that we've missed that should be added!



*Not shown: doctor’s appointments


W 1-8 (YAY! You got a BFP)

  • Find an OB/GYN
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins
  • Schedule prenatal checkup
  • Research insurance regarding maternity benefits
  • Make sure both you & partner have long and short term disability


W 8-12

  • NIPT (or other chromosomal disorder screening)
  • Chorionic villus sampling
  • Nuchal translucency screening



W 12-16

  • Start planning maternity leave & postpartum work schedule
  • Tell boss about pregnancy
  • Milestone: Tell friends & family
  • Plan babymoon


W 16-20

  • Start planning nursery
  • Look into childcare options
  • Look into maternity clothes (Check out our store: www.hellomiz.com)
  • Amniocentesis and triple screen
  • Milestone: Find out baby’s gender
  • Milestone: Feel baby’s first kick
  • Milestone: Belly starting to show!


W 20-24

  • Start pediatrician interviews
  • Sign up for childbirth classes
  • Start figuring out logistics for your baby shower
  • If banking cord blood, figure out where and order


W 24-28

  • Update or write will
  • Purchase life insurance
  • Update 401K and retirement account beneficiaries
  • If using doula, start interviews
  • Start childcare interviews
  • Send out shower invites
  • Register for shower gifts



W 28-32

  • Start babyproofing the house
  • Start buying baby items
  • Start fetal kick counts
  • Prepare birth plan
  • Baby shower
  • Send thank-you notes (one week after the shower)
  • Cook and freeze meals for...
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Freebies Every Mom Should Stock up on From the Hospital

You have just done the hardest thing you will probably do in life, ever - give birth! Your brain is frazzled, your love overwhelming, and with emotions on an overdrive, you may not remember to think of all the free things you can get from the hospital. 

These will come in handy while you go into "mama bear mode" for the next few months (or let's be honest, the next forty years). So keep a note of them somewhere, bookmark the list on your phone, or hand over that responsibility to your significant other and make sure to bring these goodies home.

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1. Nasal Aspirator (aka "Booger Sucker")

It is going to break your heart when your little one's nose is all stuffed. And this really works wonders.


2. Pacifier

Sure, you are most definitely going to go out and buy these in pink, or blue, or yellow. And they are notorious for getting lost - you will find yourself digging one out of the crevice of your sofa, buried under the car seat. So ask for a few while you are at it.


3. Baby Blankets

These baby blankets from the hospital make great swaddlers, plus they are just great keepsakes.


4. Formula

Even if you opt to breastfeed, get some samples of different brands of formula (they're good for several months) so you have them handy in case of anything.


5. Diapers

Your parents and friends were not kidding when they warned you that diapers will cost you a fortune. Your baby will go through them like mad so take those diapers home, you smart cookie!


6. Mesh Panties & Pads

After delivery, you will have to deal with some of the more uncomfortable side effects of giving birth, like heavy HEAVY flow. The panties and pads may not look so great but they do work, so consider taking as many as you can. 


7. Peribottle

This will be your lifesaver in the bathroom when you are way too tender to wipe. Not to mention, urine can sting as you pee. So fill the peribottle with warm water ad squirt it on yourself while you pee. It's also good for cleaning the area in general and relieving itchiness.


8. Skin Numbing Spray

If you have a tear or episiotomy, the numbing spray can help with the pain.


9. Breastfeeding Supplies

You might already have gotten a pump through your insurance, but if you have not, you might be lucky to leave with one straight from the hospital.


10. Infant Thermometer 

Thermometer will come in handy when your baby is not feeling as well, or even when you are preparing bath for your little one. 


11. Baby Bottles

Whether you opt for breastfeeding or formula, bottles are a necessary to stock up on.


Few other things:

- Baby wash, wipes

- Baby lotion

- Diaper rash cream

- Baby bathtub

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What to Look for While Buying Trendy Maternity Clothes

maternity dress nursing

If it’s your first time buying maternity clothes and you’re getting confused (even frustrated) by the shopping process, you are not alone. Many soon-to-be-moms feel exactly the same way. Finding maternity wear that is both stylish and affordable can be daunting, true, but don’t give up just yet! There are online shops that offer high-quality and fashionable maternity clothes at competitive prices. Some of the best online stores have a wide selection of products, and you’ll surely find garments that will suit your style.

Maternity clothes come in various fabrics, colors, prints, etc. But there are some common factors to look into no matter what style you choose to buy:

  1. Comfort

When it comes to choosing trendy maternity clothes, comfort should be your top priority. Look for clothes that will allow you to move freely and will also have enough space for your belly. The best ones are made with breathable fabrics, which is essential to stay comfortable no matter what the weather. Some of the best fabrics for maternity clothes are cotton jersey and Lycra. These fabrics are stretchable so you will be able to wear them until your last trimester and even after your pregnancy.

  1. Style

Are you feeling conscious about your hips? You can’t go wrong with an empire line. High-waist, loose-fitting dresses in gorgeous fabrics look elegant and sophisticated while providing much-needed comfort. If you are not fond of wearing loose clothes, you can opt for form-fitting garments. Just make sure that the fabric stretches with you so you can move freely.

  1. Practicality

You’re only going to wear your maternity clothes for nine months, so you don’t really have to buy too many pieces. Invest only in the essentials if your budget is limited. If you were a jeans-and-shirt girl before you got pregnant, then you will want a good pair of maternity jeans. The best ones will go well with any top. You’ll also want to look for garments that you can use as nursing clothes after you have given birth. Examples of these are dresses that have stretchable necklines.

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Top 3 Must Buy Maternity Summer Dresses

Pregnancy is no walk in the park—and it can be especially uncomfortable during the hot summer months. If you are a soon-to-be mom and you are already preparing for the scorching summer days, then it’s time to buy dresses that will make you feel comfortable and stylish for this season. The good news is that maternity summer dresses are easy to wear, generally affordable, and easy to buy online. They are also figure flattering and can make you feel feminine even if you don’t exactly feel like your usual stylish self at the moment.

One tip in picking the best maternity summer dresses is to choose one that will allow you to move freely and provide enough room for your baby bump. You should also try buying online since online maternity boutiques and retailers usually offer a wider variety at the best prices (compared to high street and department stores). Here are some of the best styles of maternity summer dresses that you can buy:

  1. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses or long dresses—especially those with an empire line—are ideal for pregnant women because they provide great comfort and they are also stylish and elegant. Maxi dresses are easy to style. You can wear them for both formal and casual occasions. They’ll look great when worn with heels, but you can also wear with flip flops.

  1. Maternity tunic

Cotton tunic dresses work great during the warmest summer days. They are also able to hide the bump during early and mid-pregnancy, which is a bonus if you still feel conscious about your figure. The best thing about these dresses is that they look flattering even on women who aren’t pregnant, which means that you can still wear them long after you’ve given birth. This summer dress can keep you from overheating, but you can also wear them with a cardigan and a pair of tights on chilly days.

  1. Shift dress

A shift dress is pretty versatile and you can wear it whether you’re attending an evening event, a summer wedding, or just relaxing in a park. The best summer shift dresses are that those that are lightweight because they hang well and move beautifully with you as you walk. They come in different prints and are widely available.

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The Maternity Long Dresses – When Comfort Meets Style

Pregnancy can be challenging, especially when it comes to looking for the best clothes to wear. Some pregnant women make the mistake of choosing garments that are too baggy or bulky, thinking that they are more comfortable to wear. On the other end are moms-to-be who prioritize style and simply disregard their comfort. The good news is that you don’t have to pick a side. You do not really have to sacrifice either comfort or style when buying maternity clothes because there are well-made styles that will be able to provide you with both. Maternity long dresses are great examples of such garments.

A maternity long dress—especially one that has an empire waist—is a great functional and transitional item that you can wear before, during, and even after your pregnancy. These loose-fitting dresses are elegant and can make you look instantly sophisticated. Maternity long dresses are pretty easy to wear and pull off. They are one-piece outfits that you can quickly slip on, and they also come in a variety of styles that you can choose from.

Maternity long dresses are ideal for the summer because they allow you to look stylish and feel comfortable. What’s great about these long dresses is that they are versatile. You can dress them up or down and accessorize them according to your fashion sense. It is not hard to find shoes and necklaces that will go well with a long dress. You can wear heels and some bold jewelry with it if you want to glam up for an event, or you may also decide to wear your dress casually with some flip flops and a sunhat.

Check out online stores to see a wide variety of maternity long dresses. The best shops offer competitive prices and high-quality garments. They also allow you to compare different products in the comforts of your own home.

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How to Choose the Best Maternity Outfits for your Baby Shower

One of the most special occasions for soon-to-be moms is the baby shower. If you are about to have yours soon, then it’s probably time to start looking for the best maternity outfit that you can wear on that special event. Baby showers typically take place during the pregnancy’s final trimester, and this means that you will have the chance to show off your baby bump. Looking for the right baby shower outfit is definitely exciting but it can be challenging as well. After all, you are practically dressing up for two! Luckily, there are some tips that can help you choose the best maternity outfit for baby shower.

  1. Do not feel conscious about your belly.

The main purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the life of your baby. So, really, it does not make sense to hide your bump from your guests and feel conscious about it. Be proud of it instead! Emphasize your belly by wearing a dress that flows over your curves.

  1. Avoid wearing a dress that is too tight.

It’s best to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or fitted during your last trimester because they can make you feel uncomfortable and unable to move. Wearing something too tight may even cause you to feel some sort of pain or heartburn. If possible, go for an outfit that is made with a stretchable and breathable fabric such as cotton.

  1. Jumpsuits are ideal options as well.

If you are not into wearing dresses, then perhaps you should consider wearing a jumpsuit instead. Jumpsuits are just as stylish and elegant while being super comfortable.

  1. Follow your style.

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to disregard your fashion sense. Your figure may be different now, but there certainly are maternity clothes out there that will suit your style.

  1. Purchase from an online shop.

There are lots of brick-and-mortar shops that sell maternity outfits. If you want to get the most out of your purchase, buy from an online shop. Online retailers often offer lower prices and a wider selection, and can thus help you get an outfit that is stylish, comfortable, and affordable.

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How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Dresses for Your Friend’s Wedding

Finding the right dress that you can wear to a wedding can be quite tricky, but it’s not impossible. Maternity dresses now come in a wide range of styles, and soon-to-be moms no longer have to settle gowns that are way too baggy.

There are a couple of tips that you can follow when choosing the best pregnancy dresses. For starters, you might want to check out online stores. Online shopping can sometimes be more advantageous than shopping in a brick and mortar store. This is certainly the case when it comes to buying maternity clothes. There are a lot of physical shops that sell pregnancy clothes out there, but most of the time, they’re offering just the basic items. And even if some of these stores offer fancy dresses, they probably sell them at high prices. Online shops can offer high-quality yet affordable clothing for pregnant women. Their selections are also typically bigger.

Before you look for the right dress, consider the formality of the event first. Will you need to wear an evening gown or is it alright to wear a midi-dress? Figuring this out will help you narrow down your search. Whatever garment you choose, your top priority should be your comfort. This does not mean that you have to go for an item that is so much bigger that your actual size. There are pregnancy dresses that are comfortable without being bulky—such as maxi dresses. Loose-fitting maxi dresses are elegant while providing enough room for your baby bump. You may also choose to wear a little black dress. Go for one that’s made of chiffon for an added flair. If you prefer a form-fitting outfit, make sure that it’s not too tight. Clothes that are too small may make you feel uncomfortable and may even cause pain.

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Five Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Nursing Clothes

Now that you’re on the last few weeks of your pregnancy, you’re no longer looking for the best maternity wear. Your search has probably shifted to nursing clothes that you can use right after giving birth. The key is to make sure that you choose high-quality nursing outfits because remember—you will have to use them for longer than you did your maternity garments. The good news is that there is a fantastic variety of stylish nursing clothes that are worth investing in. They are so stylish that you will have no problems wearing them even when you’re no longer breastfeeding. Worried about costs? Here are tips to keep in mind while buying nursing clothes and getting the best value for your money:

  1. Go for nursing dresses or tops that give you one-handed access. One example of this sort of garment is a singlet that has a top layer that can be pulled up easily. This allows your other hand to help your infant feed properly.
  2. Breastfeeding in public is something that moms should not be ashamed of. However, there are still some people who judge and stare. If you want to avoid this unwanted attention, it’s best to look for clothes that make nursing discreet. There are dresses and tops that have a modesty layer, which will help you cover up.
  3. You can probably recycle some of your maternity clothes and use them for nursing. Look at your closet and pick out garments with stretchy necklines and front press stud openings.
  4. If you feel conscious about your belly after giving birth, go for nursing clothes that have looser styles so that you’ll feel comfortable.
  5. Choose to buy nursing wear from an online shop. This will allow you to make great savings and give you the chance to choose from a wide variety of breastfeeding clothes.
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Baby Shower Dress for Mom: Celebrate Upcoming Motherhood with Joy

Are you looking for a dress for your baby shower? Dressing up your baby bump can be both challenging and exciting. The good news is that there are a lot of styles that you can opt for—from ruffles and cute details to maxis and short dresses. These days, maternity clothes are no longer dowdy and baggy. There are so many options, especially online.

Want to look extra radiant on your baby shower? A fun and colorful dress can help you achieve just that. Wearing floral prints and bright colors will allow you to be the center of attention while making you stand out in the photos. Your baby shower is no ordinary occasion, and it only makes sense for you to choose a dress that is also special.

If you are not a fan of loud colors or bold prints, then you can just go for a black and/or white outfit. You can never go wrong with these colors as they are timeless and classic. If you don’t want your dress to be too simplistic, you may look for items that have unique final design touches to them. Perhaps you can go for floral, laser-cut, or lace designs. These details all add more character to a simple black-and-white attire.

Does your baby shower have a theme? If it does, then dressing up for the occasion will be so much easier! No matter if it is nautical, safari, or fairytale, you can dress up according your baby shower’s theme. You don’t have to go all costume-y, but it will be better if you can find clothes of the same color palette as your baby shower’s motif.

To find the best quality baby shower dress at the best price, check online stores that specialize in maternity clothes. The most established online shops offer a wide variety of products, and you will definitely find a dress that you like.

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Shopping for Maternity Clothes Online – Some Quick Tips

If you are new to maternity dressing, buying new clothes can be a little tricky. Make it a little easier by shopping online. The best online shops offer great deals and a wider selection of affordable yet high-quality items for moms-to-be. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when shopping for maternity clothes online so you can enjoy the experience and get the best value:

  1. Shop for essentials first.

Every woman needs basics and essential outfits in her closet, and pregnant ladies are no exception. One important basic garment that you will most likely need is a pair of maternity jeans, especially if you wore a lot of jeans before getting pregnant. High-quality maternity jeans can go with almost any top, and it’s ideal to find a pair with a skinny fit so that you won’t look bulky. Once you’ve already found the most suitable pants, you can start looking for maternity tops that you can pair with it.

  1. See to it that the fabrics are stretchable.

Garments made of stretchable fabrics such as cotton jersey or Lycra are ideal since they can accommodate your growing belly. You’re going to be able to use them until your final trimester and even after you’ve given birth.

  1. Choose items in your regular size.

Most maternity clothes are sized based on regular sizes, although there may be variations depending on the brand. Make sure to check a certain brand or manufacturer’s size chart first before you proceed to buy its products online. Don’t be tempted to go several sizes higher or you’ll end up with ill-fitting clothes.

  1. Choose a reputable shop.

There are a lot of different online stores that offer maternity clothes. However, you need to be able to find one that is established and reputable—one that has earned 5-star reviews and testimonials. You can’t go wrong with an online boutique that has a good track record of customers who can vouch for the quality of its products and customer service.

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Maternity Cocktail Dresses – Makes Women Feel and Look Good

Many moms-to-be avoid attending formal occasions during their pregnancy because they find it hard to find the right outfit to wear. However, if you just look at the right places, you’ll see plenty of options for pregnant women who are looking for formal wear and cocktail dresses. Online maternity boutiques are best places to shop because they allow you to look at cocktail dresses in the comforts of your home. Their prices are also really competitive because unlike department stores or actual boutiques, they don’t have to pay a huge overhead and can pass the savings on to you.

When looking for a maternity cocktail dress, the fabric is one of the most important considerations. Satin and silk are ideal materials, although jersey base can be a comfortable alternative, too.

It’s hard to go wrong with empire cut dresses during your pregnancy. This stylish and elegant but is always flattering, and such dresses come in many lengths—from floor-sweeping to above-the-knee. Your choice should depend on whether or not you want to show off your legs.

If you are conscious about your bust, you will want to get a dress that has details on the neck or one that has a V-neck. You can also draw away attention from your bust by simply emphasizing your baby bump. A loose-fitting maxi dress that flows over your curves will work great in highlighting your belly.

Here’s one last tip: Before you pick a maternity cocktail dress for a special occasion, it’s important to think about what underwear you will use with it. Do you have a maternity bra that is low-cut enough so that it won’t show when you are wearing your dress of choice? It’s best to go for seamless underwear so that the fabric of your maternity cocktail dress can drape beautifully on your body.

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Maternity Clothes – A Must Have for Mommies-to-be!

Maternity wear is especially designed for pregnant women. They address certain clothing needs and requirements, and they allow mommies-to-be to feel comfortable in the clothes that they wear while staying stylish. Some experts even suggest that using maternity clothes instead of ill-fitting garments can help promote a healthy delivery. The best maternity clothes are made of breathable fabrics such as cotton, and most of them fit loosely while still enhancing your silhouette. Online boutiques that specialize in maternity clothes are the best places to shop because they usually offer the best deals — not to mention a bigger selection.

One of the most important items that you might need to get is a pair of maternity pants. Most maternity pants do not have buttons or zippers; instead, they are made with elastic waistbands so that they can grow with you as your baby bump gets bigger.

When you buy maternity clothes either from a brick and mortar shop or an online store, you may get confused about the sizes. Some pregnant ladies tend to buy clothes that are two sizes bigger than their actual size—a huge mistake that can make you look and feel dowdy. The trick here is to simply choose clothes in your actual size since most maternity clothes follow regular sizing.

Maternity wear comes in various styles, and you are free to choose items that suit your fashion sense. Don’t be afraid to explore and try out different cuts and designs. You’re supposed to have fun dressing up for two! If you don’t want to spend too much on pregnancy clothes, try to get basic pieces that you can mix and match. Have a color palette that you can follow to make shopping easier and to ensure that all pieces look good together.

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Top 3 Advices for Choosing a Correct Maternity Evening Gowns

Contrary to perceptions, pregnancy can be the best time to socialize and catch up with old friends and relatives. This is mainly because of a reduction in work load, or the possibility of a break from work during pregnancy. This actually gives you a lot of time to interact with greater freedom.  Getting dressed for the occasion acquire greater significance in the light of the fact that you actually need to look your best. A few tips are shared below on choosing the best maternity evening gowns.

Make others feel insecure  

There really is nothing like making others feel insecure, by walking into a social gathering dressed in attire that gets the maximum looks. Pregnancy lends expectant mothers a ‘glow’ that can be further emphasized with the right evening gown. Enjoy the joys of motherhood by choosing a lace top chiffon maxi dress that drapes you in elegance. Dresses of this material enhance the feminine aspect, while offering great comfort for wearing and moving around.

Take the luxury of opting for material that needs to be hand washed

Despite the time for socializing, it is a fact that evening gowns are generally never worn daily, unless you happen to be a party hopper. Given the fact that evening gowns would be worn infrequently during the period of pregnancy, it would be a good choice to opt for exquisite material that needs to be hand-washed. With sufficient time between social gatherings, it offers you the option of getting it washed delicately. The choice of exquisite lace material offers these gowns a better appearance compared with material that can only be machine washed.

Choose sizes that are closer to natural size

Expectant mothers tend to choose sizes that are one or two sizes bigger than regularly used ones. This is mainly because of the popular belief that pregnancy makes women grow large in size. While it may be true in some cases, it is not the same with all cases. It is therefore best to choose a size that is nearest to your natural size. The only care that needs to be taken is to ensure that the material around the midriff or tummy is stretchable to accommodate the baby bump.

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Wrap Maternity Dress – The Perfect Dress for Pregnant Women

Wrap dresses are great for pregnant women. In fact, they should be closet staples for expecting moms. Not only are wrap maternity dresses stylish—they can be versatile, too. Pregnant women can dress up or dress down a wrap maternity dress with the right accessories, purse, and footwear, and they can feel glamorous and stylish in it, even on days when they do not feel so good. Here are some reasons why it is the perfect dress for pregnant women:

  • Great for every body shape and type – The wrap dress is a universal but that will flatter every figure. When worn as a maternity dress, it will show off all the right curves in your body. It may take a few pounds off your look, too.
  • It hugs in all the right places – As long as you buy the right size, your wrap maternity dress should show off your baby bump without making you feeling like you are being restricted by your clothing. This comfort factor is absolutely crucial especially on your final trimester.
  • Adjustable – Wrap maternity dresses are versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate your baby bump as it grows. Hence, you do not have to worry about them becoming too tight as months go by.
  • It can be worn even after childbirth – Part of the versatility of the wrap maternity dress is the fact that it can still be worn even after you give birth. It can provide easy access when breastfeeding, too.
  • Effortless elegance – On days when you are feeling blah, put on your wrap maternity dress in a flattering color or pattern to brighten up your look. The dress is effortlessly elegant, and all you need to do is add the right accessories and wear the right shoes with it. Even minimal jewelry and a pair of flats will already make a chic impact.
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Top 3 Perfect Dress Styles for the Perfect Baby Shower

Dressing a pregnant belly during the different stages of your buns in the oven journey can be equally exciting and challenging. When your bump is starting to morph into a large beach ball between your elbows and your friends suddenly decides to throw you a shower, dressing up for the occasion doesn’t have to be a bother. Even when all you have are oversized shirts and lived-in maternity yoga pants, it is not too late to get some party-ready clothes that are as fabulous as they are relaxed and comfortable. Here are some looks you can steal for your baby shower:

  • Dressing up on a warm weather requires pieces that are light, breezy, and loose. You don’t want to be miserably enduring hot flashes in the wrong dress during your baby shower! For a boho-inspired look, pair an embroidered smock dress with some flat booties and accessorize with a wide-brim hat or tasseled crossbody bag to keep the vibe going. You may even upgrade the look to fit cooler temperatures by adding a pair of tights or leggings for warmth.
  • Are swollen ankles and legs keeping you from wearing short dresses? You can always conceal them with a maxi dress. Long dresses are great not only for keeping your problem areas hidden, but for creating a longer and leaner look to balance out the big bump on your mid-section. Finish the look off with a nice cropped denim jacket and some strappy flats. On-trend accessories are also nice upgrades to your look, like statement earrings and similar pieces.

If you must wear maternity jeans, style up by pairing them with a loose tank layered with a robe or kimono-style topper. Blazers, bombers, and cropped moto jackets are also great to wear with maternity jeans for a more casual, laid back vibe.

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Need of Choosing the Right Type of Maternity Robes for Hospital

A problem faced by most mothers during their stay in hospital for childbirth, has undoubtedly got to be the gowns provided by the hospital. To be fair to hospitals, the gowns that are provided are not tailored to meet individual size requirements. The gowns are generally purchased in bulk in a few general sizes. The flaw in such gowns is that they tend to reveal, placing patients and relatives in uncomfortable situations. Here are a few tips to get over the problem by going prepared with maternity robes for use during stay in hospitals

One size will never fit all

One size has never fit everyone. Even within same sizes, there are different body types and free flowing robes are the worst casualties in design. What fits one, will never fit another, and it would be humiliating having to focus attention on covering up. Normal chores will become a lot difficult for mothers when clothes are not of the right size. Choose maternity hospital robes that fit right. Not too tight, nor too loose.

Easy access for administering IV fluids

Stay in hospitals will inevitably involve the administering of IV fluids. It is a good idea to choose a dress where IV fluids can be administered easily without having to disrobe or pull up a whole section of the dress.  Choose a dress that has perfect panels in the design that permit IV fluids to be administered. It needs to be borne in mind that the area near the point of contact of the needle needs to be clean and the dress should not get entangled or cause difficulties.

Convenient medical examination and breast feeding

Medical examinations during hospital stay are regular and it makes a lot of sense to choose a dress that has panels permitting easy examination. The same goes for breast feeding infants, which will actually make the stay a lot more convenient without having to rush into a partitioned area every time the infant needs to be fed.  Choose a dress that has neat panels that permit easy access when required, that fall back in place and match designs perfectly after use.

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