You have just done the hardest thing you will probably do in life, ever - give birth! Your brain is frazzled, your love overwhelming, and with emotions on an overdrive, you may not remember to think of all the free things you can get from the hospital. 

These will come in handy while you go into "mama bear mode" for the next few months (or let's be honest, the next forty years). So keep a note of them somewhere, bookmark the list on your phone, or hand over that responsibility to your significant other and make sure to bring these goodies home.

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1. Nasal Aspirator (aka "Booger Sucker")

It is going to break your heart when your little one's nose is all stuffed. And this really works wonders.


2. Pacifier

Sure, you are most definitely going to go out and buy these in pink, or blue, or yellow. And they are notorious for getting lost - you will find yourself digging one out of the crevice of your sofa, buried under the car seat. So ask for a few while you are at it.


3. Baby Blankets

These baby blankets from the hospital make great swaddlers, plus they are just great keepsakes.


4. Formula

Even if you opt to breastfeed, get some samples of different brands of formula (they're good for several months) so you have them handy in case of anything.


5. Diapers

Your parents and friends were not kidding when they warned you that diapers will cost you a fortune. Your baby will go through them like mad so take those diapers home, you smart cookie!


6. Mesh Panties & Pads

After delivery, you will have to deal with some of the more uncomfortable side effects of giving birth, like heavy HEAVY flow. The panties and pads may not look so great but they do work, so consider taking as many as you can. 


7. Peribottle

This will be your lifesaver in the bathroom when you are way too tender to wipe. Not to mention, urine can sting as you pee. So fill the peribottle with warm water ad squirt it on yourself while you pee. It's also good for cleaning the area in general and relieving itchiness.


8. Skin Numbing Spray

If you have a tear or episiotomy, the numbing spray can help with the pain.


9. Breastfeeding Supplies

You might already have gotten a pump through your insurance, but if you have not, you might be lucky to leave with one straight from the hospital.


10. Infant Thermometer 

Thermometer will come in handy when your baby is not feeling as well, or even when you are preparing bath for your little one. 


11. Baby Bottles

Whether you opt for breastfeeding or formula, bottles are a necessary to stock up on.


Few other things:

- Baby wash, wipes

- Baby lotion

- Diaper rash cream

- Baby bathtub

- T-shirts

- Hat

- Diaper bag

- Baby hair brush

- Nipple cream

- Donut pillow


October 25, 2018 — Hello Miz USA Admin