Preparing for all your prenatal visits, making a shopping list for your baby, and knowing what to expect in general... they can all seem very daunting when you are a first-time mom (and even if you've done it before).

So we've put together a quick list - a page with all the milestones and to do's for each trimester, broken down by weeks. 

You can also download the file or save to your Google Drive by clicking here.

Free free to comment anything that we've missed that should be added!



*Not shown: doctor’s appointments


W 1-8 (YAY! You got a BFP)

  • Find an OB/GYN
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins
  • Schedule prenatal checkup
  • Research insurance regarding maternity benefits
  • Make sure both you & partner have long and short term disability


W 8-12

  • NIPT (or other chromosomal disorder screening)
  • Chorionic villus sampling
  • Nuchal translucency screening



W 12-16

  • Start planning maternity leave & postpartum work schedule
  • Tell boss about pregnancy
  • Milestone: Tell friends & family
  • Plan babymoon


W 16-20

  • Start planning nursery
  • Look into childcare options
  • Look into maternity clothes (Check out our store:
  • Amniocentesis and triple screen
  • Milestone: Find out baby’s gender
  • Milestone: Feel baby’s first kick
  • Milestone: Belly starting to show!


W 20-24

  • Start pediatrician interviews
  • Sign up for childbirth classes
  • Start figuring out logistics for your baby shower
  • If banking cord blood, figure out where and order


W 24-28

  • Update or write will
  • Purchase life insurance
  • Update 401K and retirement account beneficiaries
  • If using doula, start interviews
  • Start childcare interviews
  • Send out shower invites
  • Register for shower gifts



W 28-32

  • Start babyproofing the house
  • Start buying baby items
  • Start fetal kick counts
  • Prepare birth plan
  • Baby shower
  • Send thank-you notes (one week after the shower)
  • Cook and freeze meals for post delivery
  • Start childbirth class
  • Milestone: Others feel the baby move!


W 32-36

  • Prepare all baby first aid and emergency items
  • Print and fill out emergency sheets
  • Finish decorating nursery
  • Get car seat inspected
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Find out what screening tests your hospital routinely gives newborns
  • Group B strep test
  • Milestone: Last day of work (for now)


W 36-delivery

  • Non-stress test
  • Biophysical profile


Source(s): The Bump

November 02, 2018 — Hello Miz USA Admin