If it’s your first time buying maternity clothes and you’re getting confused (even frustrated) by the shopping process, you are not alone. Many soon-to-be-moms feel exactly the same way. Finding maternity wear that is both stylish and affordable can be daunting, true, but don’t give up just yet! There are online shops that offer high-quality and fashionable maternity clothes at competitive prices. Some of the best online stores have a wide selection of products, and you’ll surely find garments that will suit your style.

Maternity clothes come in various fabrics, colors, prints, etc. But there are some common factors to look into no matter what style you choose to buy:

  1. Comfort

When it comes to choosing trendy maternity clothes, comfort should be your top priority. Look for clothes that will allow you to move freely and will also have enough space for your belly. The best ones are made with breathable fabrics, which is essential to stay comfortable no matter what the weather. Some of the best fabrics for maternity clothes are cotton jersey and Lycra. These fabrics are stretchable so you will be able to wear them until your last trimester and even after your pregnancy.

  1. Style

Are you feeling conscious about your hips? You can’t go wrong with an empire line. High-waist, loose-fitting dresses in gorgeous fabrics look elegant and sophisticated while providing much-needed comfort. If you are not fond of wearing loose clothes, you can opt for form-fitting garments. Just make sure that the fabric stretches with you so you can move freely.

  1. Practicality

You’re only going to wear your maternity clothes for nine months, so you don’t really have to buy too many pieces. Invest only in the essentials if your budget is limited. If you were a jeans-and-shirt girl before you got pregnant, then you will want a good pair of maternity jeans. The best ones will go well with any top. You’ll also want to look for garments that you can use as nursing clothes after you have given birth. Examples of these are dresses that have stretchable necklines.