One of the most important phases post pregnancy are nursing of infants. Expectant mothers need to consider the practical aspects of nursing while choosing appropriate gowns and robes. What needs to be borne in mind, is that this needs to be done before the expected date of delivery. Unlike other purchases which can be made at the last moment, there really is no last moment. Post delivery, there would be no time to scout for a store and purchase a nursing gown or robe. Let us dive into the factors that need to be considered while shopping for a nursing gown or robe.

Discreet nursing with convenience

Nursing of the infant should ideally be discreet, and not a big show in public spaces. This can be achieved by choosing a nursing robe that incorporates design features that permit easy nursing. The infant should be breastfed with ease, without it compromising on privacy. Nursing should not be an avenue for peeping toms to stare in perversion, which can be humiliating. Choose a robe that has design features that blend in with the overall design of the gown and robe, without it appearing out of the ordinary.

Easy to maintain material

The material needs to offer easy maintenance. Due to the issues of hygiene associated with breastfeeding, nursing gowns and robes should ideally be of a material that is easy to clean and maintain. This will ensure that infections or allergies do not occur as a result of choice of wrong material.  Simple washes should be able to clean the dresses and thoroughly, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Choose sizes that are close to original size

Most expectant mothers tend to choose large sizes, anticipating a jump in sizes during pregnancy. However, it is a fact that not all mothers jump sizes with pregnancy and childbirth. Minor differences in size may be common to all, but that does not translate into a difference in size. Most of the expectant mothers generally remain within their original sizes, with the only difference being the midriff or tummy. You may therefore choose a size that is closer to your original size, if you have not actually increased in size.

April 16, 2018 — Hello Miz USA Admin