A problem faced by most mothers during their stay in hospital for childbirth, has undoubtedly got to be the gowns provided by the hospital. To be fair to hospitals, the gowns that are provided are not tailored to meet individual size requirements. The gowns are generally purchased in bulk in a few general sizes. The flaw in such gowns is that they tend to reveal, placing patients and relatives in uncomfortable situations. Here are a few tips to get over the problem by going prepared with maternity robes for use during stay in hospitals

One size will never fit all

One size has never fit everyone. Even within same sizes, there are different body types and free flowing robes are the worst casualties in design. What fits one, will never fit another, and it would be humiliating having to focus attention on covering up. Normal chores will become a lot difficult for mothers when clothes are not of the right size. Choose maternity hospital robes that fit right. Not too tight, nor too loose.

Easy access for administering IV fluids

Stay in hospitals will inevitably involve the administering of IV fluids. It is a good idea to choose a dress where IV fluids can be administered easily without having to disrobe or pull up a whole section of the dress.  Choose a dress that has perfect panels in the design that permit IV fluids to be administered. It needs to be borne in mind that the area near the point of contact of the needle needs to be clean and the dress should not get entangled or cause difficulties.

Convenient medical examination and breast feeding

Medical examinations during hospital stay are regular and it makes a lot of sense to choose a dress that has panels permitting easy examination. The same goes for breast feeding infants, which will actually make the stay a lot more convenient without having to rush into a partitioned area every time the infant needs to be fed.  Choose a dress that has neat panels that permit easy access when required, that fall back in place and match designs perfectly after use.

April 16, 2018 — Hello Miz USA Admin