When carrying and growing by the day, the last thing most pregnant moms-to-be want to worry about is dressing up for a formal. This said, many experts agree that pregnant women shouldn’t neglect their social life because they feel pregnant all the time. The secret to a full, happy, and more rewarding pregnancy is learning how to balance a healthy term and normal life. When you have turned down all too many invites in the last months only because you feel like it’s difficult to look beautiful with a baby bump in the way, answer yes to the next invitation and follow these dressing tips to embrace your pregnant belly. Below are some formal maternity dress ideas you can get inspiration from for your next occasion:

  • A classy LBD – Who says little black dresses are only for the petite and slim? Even pregnant you can rock an elegant black dress ensemble, with the right cut, fabric, and style. A basic black chiffon mini dress will look phenomenal draped over your bump. Paired with a statement necklace and your favorite black dress shoe, this look will make you question why you ever turned down past invitations.
  • A figure hugging lace dress – If you are comfortable enough to flaunt your curves and show-off your baby bump, a figure-hugging dress is perfect for any formal occasion. A lace dress in bright pink or any other color or shade you might fancy is a great choice if you want to show spunk.

A relaxed maxi – For a pulled together lean and long look, go for a relaxed maxi dress that goes all the way down the ankles. A maxi dress is a safe haven for pregnant ladies who want to cover up and create the visual illusion of a leaner and longer figure despite the belly.

April 16, 2018 — Hello Miz USA Admin