Being pregnant does not mean sacrificing glamour and style in favor of loose, frumpy clothing. You can still look stylish and glamorous with the right clothes for pregnant ladies. There may be a lot of fashion tips for pregnant clothing out there, but you only need to know these five basic rules. They go a long way, regardless of which trimester you are in:

  1. Show a bit of skin – Pregnancy is a great time to show off some cleavage. Try scoop-neck or V-neck sweaters, tops, and shirts, but keep the rest of the outfit modest to avoid looking trashy.
  2. Wear skinny pants – Whether they are a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, skinny pants will help elongate your legs and make you look chic while making sure that you will not look frumpy when you wear maternity tops or loose blouses. You can still wear these tight-fitting pants even when you are pregnant, as long as they are maternity-friendly. Look for pants that will provide room for your growing baby bump. Moreover, make sure they are made of stretch fabric.
  3. Choose snug-fitting clothing instead of loose ones – Unless you are aiming to look frumpy or you simply love the hobo-style look, avoid wearing loose clothing from head-to-toe, as it will make you look bulky and bigger. The last thing you want to happen is to look like a blimp. Choose clothing that fits comfortably yet snugly—something that can slim your silhouette down while hugging your curves in all the right places. Stretch knits are feminine and sexy, and they can go a long way with maternity skinny jeans and leggings.
  4. Wear colorful clothes – Do not limit your choices in to neutral hues. Color should be part of your pregnancy wardrobe, too. In fact, a pop of color or two should make you feel happier and brighten up your mood while enhancing your pregnancy glow. Not a fan of bright colors? You can still wear your favorite neutral or black and gray hues with a sweater or a scarf in a bright color.
  5. Have at least one wrap dress in your wardrobe – Wrap dresses are versatile and can fit and flatter every body type and shape. You can wear them, even after childbirth, too.
April 16, 2018 — Hello Miz USA Admin